Mommy’s Little Daughter

“I love you, mommy.”

“Why do you go out everyday?”

“I go to work, sweety.” Mom says.

“Is that why I don’t see you everyday?”

“What’s work, mommy?”

“Work is I do things away from home, that’s why you don’t see me everyday.” Mom says.

“Why don’t you do work at home so I can see you everyday?”

“Don’t go to work and I can see you everyday, mommy!”

“Why do you want to see me everyday, sweety?” Mom says.

“Because I love you, mommy.”

“That’s nice, sweety. But I need to go to work everyday.” Mom says.

“Do you love me, mommy?”

“Of course I love you, sweety. But I still need to go away from home to work and it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you!” Mom says.

“Then, who’s the other sweety at your work that you love too, mommy?”

“There’s nobody at work whom I love, sweety. I need to go to work so that I can make money!” Mom says.

“OH! That’s who you love!”

“That’s who you love at work and I am who you love at home!”

“Is money just like me? That’s why you love her too?”

“Yeah, Yeah, sweety, money is just like you, I love both of you!” Mom says.

“Mommy, please just love me only!” Almost whispering telling mommy close to her ear.

“I want you to love just me, not money, mommy?”



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