I Have Found It

A: How do you know a person is a genuinely good nature person?

B: I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, am I a good person?

A: You don’t smoke and drink because you wanted to stay healthy, for yourself.

C: I help out my friends with money that they need, would that make me a good person?

A: That just means you are helpful amongst your friends.

D: I volunteer for the rescue mission anywhere natural disaster has taken place, I am a good person.

A: You are thankful that you are in support of humanity.

E: I am a good policeman, I fight crimes and protect the people from criminals.

A: You are doing a good job of being a good policeman.

F: So, why don’t you tell us who is a genuinely good nature people?

A: If one finds the truth of good nature in one’s heart, one has found how to be a genuinely good nature person.