The Chinese Boy

The boy has the complete posture and characteristics of a typical latest 9 year-old mainland bred.

The father commands softly his boy to go get a table in a very busy fast food restaurant during the usual late breakfast hour on a Saturday. The boy immediately looks around searching with his acute spot-search eye sight without split second of hesitation on his father’s command. Faster than anybody else’s speed of carrying out the received order, the boy spots a table for 4. Shorter than anyone’s normal react-time for a discovery find, the boy is already on his move toward his discovery find within that normal react-time frame.

The boy is on one of the 4 seats sitting at a 45 degree in the direction at the center of the table top just like one frame of the video is showing the empty fast food restaurant 4-seater bench table and the next frame is showing the same table but the boy is in the scene with the bench table. His left arm is bent at a 90 degree extended from his upper left torso and laid flat across on the table top. His head is lowered a little bit but looking up with eye sight like a spot search beacon of a serious security guard at high alert. He slowly rotates his head with his spot search beacon eye sight spread covering a span area of about 150 degrees. He’s accomplished his order commanded and he is now guarding his mission accomplished.