The Cigarette Smoke Trail Woman

   The shiny silky strand of hair wavily tailing on the right side of her face because of a gush of mild breeze just whistling by. It is not her hair wavily tailing like the tailing of a flying kite in the windy sky, it is the trail of cigarette smoke fuming out from between the right side of her lips that simulates the wavily tailing of a flying kite in the windy sky. Somehow the cigarette smoke trail wavily tailing is in slow motion.

   The woman is in front of the glass wall of a fast food restaurant. While the rainbow color neon light reflections spreading on most part of the glass wall, part of the reflections falls on the right side of her face too as she is half leaning and resting her left shoulder against the glass wall.

   It is a cinematic scene of a mystical woman with a just lit cigarette in between her right hand fingers, when she is leaning against the glass wall on her left with a mix of colorful neon lights and night street scene as the background.

   The woman wouldn’t notice she would be like acting on stage while the people inside the restaurant would be like audience watching her.

Apparently the woman is deep in thought and tormented by her own thinking because how else would be worse showing her uneasiness than the gravely facial expression sucking on the upsetting cigarette. The woman is now more weakened after the sadly puff as she crouches against the glass wall while stressing her left shoulder forcibly, showing her is even more troubled and annoyed by her own continuing worrying thinking.

As the woman releases the cigarette smoke in between the right side of her lips after that puff, setting off the wavily tailing of the cigarette smoke trail whistling by the right side of the woman’s face.

lowly the woman takes the cigarette away from between her lips with two right hand fingers, with her eyes remain shut and says,

“What would you do for a smoke?”

The woman is still deeply annoyed.