The Stranger Girl with whom I Share the Table in the Restaurant

“I am not sure if I was hungry, let alone hoping for the food to be delicious.”

“Excuse me?” I said to the girl sitting across the table which I share with her in the restaurant, thinking that she is definitely talking to me.

“My friends told me this place has the best soup in town, my boyfriend told me it has the best ribs, but they never told me that I am hungry for them!”

“Huh! Are you hungry?” I responded although I have realized that she wasn’t really talking to me.

“My boyfriend tells me everything, my friends tell me everything else my boyfriend doesn’t tell me. Everyone tells me everything!” She said in a way that she isn’t responding to my inquiry if she is hungry.

“Would you tell yourself anything?” I couldn’t resist not asking her.

“You’re hungry and you like the soup.” I told her.

“Waiter, I have the soup and I’m hungry.” Holler to a waitress who is waiting from six tables away.

“You listen to and do what I tell you?” Wanting to know why she did what I told her.

“I am hungry and the soup is delicious.” Murmuring to her ownself with her head dipping.

“Hello, my name is Stranger.” Telling her playfully.

“Hello, Stranger!” She looks up at me.