I Have Found It

A: How do you know a person is a genuinely good nature person?

B: I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, am I a good person?

A: You don’t smoke and drink because you wanted to stay healthy, for yourself.

C: I help out my friends with money that they need, would that make me a good person?

A: That just means you are helpful amongst your friends.

D: I volunteer for the rescue mission anywhere natural disaster has taken place, I am a good person.

A: You are thankful that you are in support of humanity.

E: I am a good policeman, I fight crimes and protect the people from criminals.

A: You are doing a good job of being a good policeman.

F: So, why don’t you tell us who is a genuinely good nature people?

A: If one finds the truth of good nature in one’s heart, one has found how to be a genuinely good nature person.

The Conversation

A: How are you?

B: Good, how about you?

A: I’m good, aah, I’m not really good, but, I guess I’m okay.

B: Wow, what’s going on dude?

A: Why do I feel uneasy just about anything that’s going on around the globe?

B: You have money problems?

A: I’ve money problems always, but this is not about money, I guess.

B: You feel threatened?

A: What do you mean threatened? But I think “being threatened” would be it!

B: Yup! You feel threatened and you’re not able to defend your own self physically nor mentally. This is a big issue, man, it should be more than feeling uneasy, dude!

A: Thanks dude! I should be feeling more than uneasy because it seems I’ve been threatened by what you just said to me! But you’re right, I am not able to defend my own self physically nor mentally.

I Learn To Live My Life All Over Again

Just as I was happily realizing my experience has been setting me into forming a rather satisfying living mode as I am heading to my mid-age life, I suddenly find myself come to a squeaking halt because I need to learn to live my life all over again like a new born.

As a new born, the first thing to learn is learning the parental true love. Mother giving birth to and Father taking care of the new born may not mean any true love from them. I am this new born now. I need to learn about parental love all over again. Learning the true parental love is about first, learning what it means of parents taking care of and teaching their children. Second, learning the difference between the parental relationship and the friendship relation, if there is any difference. Third, learning what is the true responsibility of the parents for their children.

The second thing I need to learn to live my life all over again is learning how education system works now these days. When I go to school to receive education, am I learning or am I listening? I want to be taught to enhance my individual thinking ability by learning to use analytical thinking ability effectively. I want to be motivated for exploratory thinking and be reinforced on determining decision thinking ability based on ethics and values. I don’t want to learn through listening sets of rules, regulations, winning argumentation base on personal prejudicial opinion, and the power dominance. I certainly don’t want to receive the education which is taught by telling and demanding me just to listen but restrict and suppress my analytical thinking.

Promises. The third thing I need to learn to live my life all over again is to learn to understand this question: ‘Do people keep promises they gave any more?’. I need to learn how to believe and accept promises given by politicians. When these politicians gave out their promises during their campaign for the public office, what would happen if they didn’t keep their promises without any explanation after they were elected? Would I just say “Well, they lied and they’re bad politicians, let’s don’t vote for them anymore.”? These politicians just get by and go on with the ways they wanted? I’ll just accept the fact that we will let these politicians lied their way to the public office! I will need to learn that without honesty in place, how would the trust system hold up but collapse? I certainly need to learn this all over again in order to continue living my life.

When coming to the fourth thing that I need to learn to live my life all over again is to learn about defending and protecting myself in order to continue living safely. I need to learn to protect myself from virus and violence. Virus weakens people so we will become dependent. Violence overpowers and suppresses people so we will be coerced to be obedient. I need to learn to live all over again coping with virus and violence.

I will say I am learning to live my life all over again is to learn living in today’s money driven world which is making me a money slave against my will.

I will say I am learning to live my life all over again is to learn to cope to live with much lesser choices, no matter how hard I work to try to get more choices in living.

I will say I am learning to live my life all over again is to learn to adapt living within the conditions of robotic obedience and puppet agreement forced upon me.

I will say I am learning to live my life all over again is to learn living as the subdued people.

I am learning to live my life all over again within the overpowering and suppressive ruled.

Mommy’s Little Daughter

“I love you, mommy.”

“Why do you go out everyday?”

“I go to work, sweety.” Mom says.

“Is that why I don’t see you everyday?”

“What’s work, mommy?”

“Work is I do things away from home, that’s why you don’t see me everyday.” Mom says.

“Why don’t you do work at home so I can see you everyday?”

“Don’t go to work and I can see you everyday, mommy!”

“Why do you want to see me everyday, sweety?” Mom says.

“Because I love you, mommy.”

“That’s nice, sweety. But I need to go to work everyday.” Mom says.

“Do you love me, mommy?”

“Of course I love you, sweety. But I still need to go away from home to work and it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you!” Mom says.

“Then, who’s the other sweety at your work that you love too, mommy?”

“There’s nobody at work whom I love, sweety. I need to go to work so that I can make money!” Mom says.

“OH! That’s who you love!”

“That’s who you love at work and I am who you love at home!”

“Is money just like me? That’s why you love her too?”

“Yeah, Yeah, sweety, money is just like you, I love both of you!” Mom says.

“Mommy, please just love me only!” Almost whispering telling mommy close to her ear.

“I want you to love just me, not money, mommy?”



The Cigarette Smoke Trail Woman

   The shiny silky strand of hair wavily tailing on the right side of her face because of a gush of mild breeze just whistling by. It is not her hair wavily tailing like the tailing of a flying kite in the windy sky, it is the trail of cigarette smoke fuming out from between the right side of her lips that simulates the wavily tailing of a flying kite in the windy sky. Somehow the cigarette smoke trail wavily tailing is in slow motion.

   The woman is in front of the glass wall of a fast food restaurant. While the rainbow color neon light reflections spreading on most part of the glass wall, part of the reflections falls on the right side of her face too as she is half leaning and resting her left shoulder against the glass wall.

   It is a cinematic scene of a mystical woman with a just lit cigarette in between her right hand fingers, when she is leaning against the glass wall on her left with a mix of colorful neon lights and night street scene as the background.

   The woman wouldn’t notice she would be like acting on stage while the people inside the restaurant would be like audience watching her.

Apparently the woman is deep in thought and tormented by her own thinking because how else would be worse showing her uneasiness than the gravely facial expression sucking on the upsetting cigarette. The woman is now more weakened after the sadly puff as she crouches against the glass wall while stressing her left shoulder forcibly, showing her is even more troubled and annoyed by her own continuing worrying thinking.

As the woman releases the cigarette smoke in between the right side of her lips after that puff, setting off the wavily tailing of the cigarette smoke trail whistling by the right side of the woman’s face.

lowly the woman takes the cigarette away from between her lips with two right hand fingers, with her eyes remain shut and says,

“What would you do for a smoke?”

The woman is still deeply annoyed.

The Chinese Boy

The boy has the complete posture and characteristics of a typical latest 9 year-old mainland bred.

The father commands softly his boy to go get a table in a very busy fast food restaurant during the usual late breakfast hour on a Saturday. The boy immediately looks around searching with his acute spot-search eye sight without split second of hesitation on his father’s command. Faster than anybody else’s speed of carrying out the received order, the boy spots a table for 4. Shorter than anyone’s normal react-time for a discovery find, the boy is already on his move toward his discovery find within that normal react-time frame.

The boy is on one of the 4 seats sitting at a 45 degree in the direction at the center of the table top just like one frame of the video is showing the empty fast food restaurant 4-seater bench table and the next frame is showing the same table but the boy is in the scene with the bench table. His left arm is bent at a 90 degree extended from his upper left torso and laid flat across on the table top. His head is lowered a little bit but looking up with eye sight like a spot search beacon of a serious security guard at high alert. He slowly rotates his head with his spot search beacon eye sight spread covering a span area of about 150 degrees. He’s accomplished his order commanded and he is now guarding his mission accomplished.