The Conversation

A: How are you?

B: Good, how about you?

A: I’m good, aah, I’m not really good, but, I guess I’m okay.

B: Wow, what’s going on dude?

A: Why do I feel uneasy just about anything that’s going on around the globe?

B: You have money problems?

A: I’ve money problems always, but this is not about money, I guess.

B: You feel threatened?

A: What do you mean threatened? But I think “being threatened” would be it!

B: Yup! You feel threatened and you’re not able to defend your own self physically nor mentally. This is a big issue, man, it should be more than feeling uneasy, dude!

A: Thanks dude! I should be feeling more than uneasy because it seems I’ve been threatened by what you just said to me! But you’re right, I am not able to defend my own self physically nor mentally.