Mom and Dad

Hey, dad…..

Say, let’s talk……..

Hey, dad, are you happy?


Hey, dad, do you need any help?


Sure? You really don’t need any help?


Hey, dad, what do you want?

Is there anything you want? Anything you want to do?

You want anything from me?

Hey, dad………

OK…… OK…….


Say, dad, let’s take a walk.

No, I don’t want to walk.

Why not, dad?

Why don’t you want to walk?


Hey, dad, let’s talk.

Hey, dad, would you tell me a story?


I don’t know any story to tell.

Just tell me anything, dad.

I don’t have any story, I don’t have anything to tell you.

But dad, I really want to hear from you telling me a story.

–deep silence–


Hey, dad, can I tell you something?


I miss you and……I am sorry.

I hope you can hear me………….


Hey, mom……..

Hey, mom………. do you like me?

Hey, mom……… am I your son?

Yeah……….. you’re my son.

Hey, mom, am I being a son of whom you want me to be?

What do you mean?

Am I the son you want me to be?


Do you like what I have been doing as your son?

What do you mean?

I don’t know. Is there anything you want from me? Is it you want me to do what you wanted me to do?

–weeping started–

Is that what you’re thinking of me as this kind of person?

What do you think I want you to do?

Are you saying I want you to listen to me and do what I want you to do?


I guess………..I don’t know, that’s why I asked. Heck, I might not even know I asked correctly.

–silence– but weak weeping continuing

Hey, mom, have you ever lied to me?


–stronger weeping–

Hey, mom, I’ve always wanted to make you happy, you know that, right?

Hey, mom, are you happy?


Is illegitimacy that important?

“Yeew!”  “You are illegitimate?”

It’s repulsive to the one who questions.

It’s repugnant to the one who’s being questioned.

Why is it important whether one is legitimate or not?

Or, isn’t it important?

It’s not the importance, it’s the legality.

Alright, it’s the legality that determines legitimacy.

But then why is illegitimacy repulsive and repugnant?

It shouldn’t be repulsive and repugnant,

it’s only the legality bound difference between legitimacy and illegitimacy,


one’s exactly the same as anyone who is born in their parents.

Okay, I understand; but why do I still think that I’m illegitimate?

I feel I’m missing the love from my parents.